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Conversation with Jesus…

Every once in a while I think a time machine would be a great invention. If there was one year I would love to go back to, it would be 30AD, and spend some time with Jesus. I would just love to sit and have a conversation with him. The topics would be endless, but since the passages we have looked at recently and in today’s message, deal with the Sermon on the Mount, we might begin there. So Jesus, you teach us that we are to love our enemies, turn the other cheek, go the extra mile, give the shirt off our back; are you serious about this?

I ask that question because of an incident that happened many years ago. My roommate in college and I signed up for the same course. I went to class and he did not. But when the final exam was coming up, he wanted all my class notes. I recall that I was not motivated at all to give him any help; after all, he had enjoyed sleep while I went to class. So my answer was NO!! But then he quoted you, Jesus. Something about, going the extra mile. I did not know he had read your Sermon on the Mount, but somehow, he knew what you had taught long ago. So, I reluctantly, and I do mean reluctantly, gave him my notes from the class, and honestly I hoped and prayed he would fail the exam!! I know, not very Christian of me, but really, he did not deserve to pass the course.

Oh, I think I know what you would say to me. So Steve, do you deserve to pass the course of life set before you? How have you done? Ever slept in? Would you have wanted me to say NO to you? So, I respond, but you’re a gracious and loving Savior and this is how you are supposed to act. You are the very definition of mercy and forgiveness.

And I heard you say, and you are one of my followers and your life and actions are to be different than the world in which you live. That is why I gave you this teaching, so you can live differently from the world.

Jesus this is not an easy way to live!! And he replied, neither was dying on a cross easy.

Yours in Christ,