Our four areas of ministry focus: (1) Provide opportunities for worship (2) Teach the Bible (3) Build and nurture relationships (4) Go and serve.

Message from the Church…

Dear Friends,

One of the values of our church is Family – We endeavor to be a welcoming community, caring and sharing with love and joy. And one of the related vision statements is:

Every care need in our church is to be identified and addressed, led by the efforts of a large and well-equipped corps of Deacons.

The Deacons will begin having conversations of how to tackle this task. It’s huge! It has become clear to me that if this vision is to become a reality, then it will require all of us to pitch in. Here are some simple things that we can all do in the various church groups we participate in.

Welcome Ministry:

  • Greet and welcome guests, visitors, and new members. Introduce them to others in the group. Make them feel at home.
  • When it is appropriate, please secure the contact information of the guest. Give that information to the church office.
  • Provide name tags to assist in learning each other’s names.
  • When the staff gives you names of those who might wish to join your group, please follow up with them. Invite them to your next group meeting. Arrange to meet them beforehand and introduce them to others.
  • Visit, phone, send a note or email to those who have a change in their attendance patterns. If they were regular in attendance and have not been in a while, let them know they’re missed. If they have been absent for some time and begin to attend again, let them know how nice it is to have them back.

Care and Concern:

  • Go to the Careline to watch for news of births, deaths or illness. The Careline is updated on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and may be accessed by phone at 762-3588 or on the website (password required – contact the office for assistance). To add a person for prayer, simply phone the church Office or click here.
  • Report celebrations and concerns to your group at each gathering. Encourage the group to follow up with a visit, phone call, card or email.
  • Report to the church office concerns that are not listed on the Careline that require the attention of the pastoral staff.
  • Coordinate a group response when appropriate and needed.

Thank you for your faithfulness in welcoming and caring for the guests and members of our church!

Yours in Christ,

Robert H. Lapp


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