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Associate Pastor

The Very Best Gifts…

Dear friends,

Presbyterian pastor, Keith Cook, tells the story of one Christmas morning when he and his wife heard a knock on their bedroom door. They weren’t surprised. They knew their boys would be pushing for them to get up so the gifts could be opened. What did surprise them was that their two oldest boys, Andy and Paul, wanted to give them their gift. It was a big box. It was all wrapped up with a bow on top. They had gotten up pretty early to get all that work done. They yelled, “Merry Christmas,” and told their parents to open the gift.

They undid the wrap and opened the box. And there was the most memorable gift they ever received for any Christmas. There in the box was their third son, little Todd. Todd jumped up and smiled. They loved it!

The very best gifts we ever give to each other are ourselves. That’s what God did for us in Christ: “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son…” That’s what I see you doing for those in our church, community and throughout the world. Thank you for giving the best gift of all – yourself!

Yours in Christ,

Robert H. Lapp
Associate Pastor

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