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Convinced of the Unseen

Abraham is known as the example of a person of faith.  In Genesis 12, he leaves his home and journeys to a destination unknown.  He has faith that God will lead him, no matter where the journey will take him.  Much of life is like this.  We begin many journeys perhaps having an idea of the destination, but often never really sure.  We have a group of young people going off to college for the first time.  Now we, who have been, can tell them all about what they might expect, but they have to take the journey for themselves.  You fall in love and get married with perhaps great anticipation about a life together, but who knows what the next day will bring.  Our youngest son became a Father for the first time in late April.  Christopher has been around his brother and sister’s children, but can you really know what it is like to be Father until you become one?

If you stay in your home and never venture out into the world you may not need much faith, but if you participate in life, you must have faith.  Sometimes you will need more faith than other days.  Sometimes you might find yourself in the shoes of Abraham and need great faith!!    Today, in our worship service, we have the wonderful privilege and opportunity to commission one of our young adults, Marie.  Marie graduated from college a couple of years ago, she had always intended to go to grad school, but while in college she attended the Urbana Conference.  It is a mission conference, held every three years, and challenges college students to engage in missions as a vocation.  Marie spent the last year in Memphis, working with Refugee families helping them to find housing, employment, and education.  This experience has given her an ever increasing heart for people of other cultures.   Last January, Marie had the opportunity to go to Asia, and through that experience, she has sensed a call to the college students of Asia.  So by Faith, Marie is headed to Asia.  She will work under the supervision of Campus Crusade for Christ, living, learning Asian culture and language, and have many opportunities to share her faith in Jesus Christ.  Most of the students she will come in contact with have no religious background, and most do not believe there is a God.

If you are Convinced of the Unseen, God can use you in amazing ways, here in Wilmington, or halfway around the world.

Yours in Christ,



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