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Long-term Prayer Concerns 8/5/15

Long-term Prayer Requests are as follows: (updated August 2015)

  1. Linda Smith’s granddaughter, Loren Risgaard, now 5 ½, is experiencing a flare up of her Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and results show it is in both knees. Further treatment will be determined in a few weeks.  Loren just started kindergarten. (8/05/15)
  2. De Gladstone’s mother, Clarice Hutchins, has moved into a care facility in Fuquay-Varina. De’s daughter sees Clarice almost every day.  Prayers for the family in this time of transition. (8/05/15)
  3. Myra (Blake) Burtt has been diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia. Her dementia has progressed quickly; she moved to the Kempton but has since transitioned to the Commons.  Sharon Walker of GA, one of the Blake sisters, was diagnosed with cancer and had two thyroid surgeries and subsequent radiation treatments.  She is currently in remission, but still covets prayers.  Lauren Swart, daughter of Deborah (Blake) Swart, continues with ongoing treatment for a chronic health condition.  She is working on her master’s degree at Belmont University in Music Industry Business (a miracle!)  Marsha (Blake) Wells was diagnosed with leukemia in June and is receiving chemotherapy.  The family has not told Myra, as it would confuse and upset her. (8/05/15)
  4. John and Connie Houser’s daughter, Dr. Amy Houser of Raleigh, is paralyzed from the waist down and has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Neuromyelitis Optica. She is entering her fourth year of becoming paralyzed and is struggling with her wheelchair-bound condition.  Amy also has young children. (8/05/15)
  5. Jackie Walker Guest’s mother-in-law, Theresa Guest, was diagnosed with breast cancer that spread to her lymph nodes. She went to the Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa, FL, where she had successful surgery in March.  She is currently undergoing a year of radiation treatments. (8/05/15)
  6. Bob & Louise Clemmons’ 20-year-old grandson, Sampson Clemmons of Leland, has been on dialysis since 2013 and has experienced some serious complications. He is still in need of a kidney transplant. (3/11/15)
  7. Evelyn Larson’s 22-year-old grandson, Josh, is in need of prayer. (3/11/15)
  8. Nancy Kiefhaber continues to suffer with severe back pain. She broke her hip while in Florida over Christmas, but is now home and slowly recuperating. (3/11/15)
  9. Linda Sandlin, who suffered from congestive heart failure, passed away suddenly on 3/1/15. Her memorial service was on 3/04 at SACPC.  Henry is in need of prayers as he navigates this new stage of life. (3/11/15)
  10. Barbara Liles, who now resides in TX, suffers with back problems. She has sold her car and is using a walker.  But she attends a nice church and her spirits are high.  She loves to hear from members of SACPC. (2/28/15)
  11. Sue Messina’s brother-in-law, George Boyden, of NJ suffered a stroke in November 2013. He is driving but cannot work.  He is going to apply for disability and needs prayers that he will get it.  Also, Sue’s mother, Joyce Rabey, is now living at Champions and dealing with dementia.  However, she loves her activities at the facility. (2/28/15)
  12. C. Dechent’s friend, Michael McConnell, has stage 4 cancer. He is married with young children. Recently he was scheduled for more routine tests to determine if he needs any more laser treatment.  He seems to be in a remission stage. (2/23/15)
  13. Lib LeGwin has a leaking heart valve. (10/16/14)
  14. Julian Lanier’s daughter, Julie Bloss of TX, suffers with Autonomic System Failure (ASF). She is working with doctors in Dallas and Houston.  (10/16/14)
  15. Genie Gretz suffers from severe migraine headaches. She has seen some improvement with new medication.  Daughter, Audrey, is at UNC Charlotte. (10/16/14)
  16. Jan McGowan’s father of NY is battling Parkinson’s disease. (10/16/14)
  17. David Jones’ 87-year-old cousin, Evelyn Castleberry of Raleigh, was diagnosed with a brain tumor which has stabilized. (10/16/14)
  18. Steve and Kay Hein’s grandson, Trent, who is 9 years old, has developmental issues. (10/16/14)
  19. Ann Montgomery’s great-nephew, 34-year-old Travis Rivenbark, is paralyzed in his legs due to a bicycling accident. (10/16/14)
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