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Weekly Devotions 4/11/2016

April 11th – John 21:1-19

Don’t you just love a good fish story?

When I was about twelve years old, a friend of mine and I were fishing off of the sea wall in one of the many salt water canals that wind their way through south Florida. The fish weren’t biting so we left our poles unattended and got involved with some other activity. Then all of a sudden we heard a splash. A fish had hit my line and dragged my rod and reel into the canal. The sea wall was full of sharp rock and barnacles so I had no way to retrieve it. I chalked it up to experience and would be more careful next time. However, about a week later, I was fishing the same spot and I snagged onto something. You guessed it, I caught my rod and reel! My best catch ever! I’d like to tell you that the fish was still on the line, but it wasn’t. You wouldn’t have believed me if it was anyway.

John, the Gospel writer, tells a pretty good fish story, too. The disciples returned to their boats and resumed their lives as fishermen. They were confused about all that had taken place and were ready to bury themselves in their work.

Jesus meets them where they are and Jesus reinstates Peter into the fellowship after his three fold betrayal by giving him the opportunity to reaffirm his faith. Peter, Jesus said, Do you love me more than these? I imagine Jesus looking over the seascape, the boats, the nets, all the things that were important to Peter, the fisherman.

What would Jesus point out to us, if He were to ask us that same question: Do you love me more than these? Would it be our financial security, our jobs, our socioeconomic status, our family? I have my list. You have yours.

Like my old fishing pole that I thought was lost for good only to be found, Jesus comes back to us, forgives us and gives us, who betray him, second chances to reaffirm our faith and to serve Him by serving our neighbors.

Do you love me? Feed my lambs!
Do you love me? Tend my sheep!
Do you love me? Feed my sheep!
Follow me!

Yours in Christ,


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