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Prayer Connection 7/29/2016

The Prayer Connection is our “prayer wall.” Prayer concerns and praises for extended family, friends, or even for the world may be added here so all prayers may be lifted up by the SACPC family. We also have a small group of “prayer warriors” who are dedicated to offering intercessory prayer on a daily basis; they use the Prayer Connection as their starting point for their daily prayers. Those who have ongoing needs for prayer will be placed on the Prayer Connection. Please submit a request to us whenever a person should be added to the Prayer Connection.


  • Emily Barefoot died on July 28th after briefly relocating to Cary to be closer to family due to her declining health. (7-29-16)
  • Bob and Joyce Bardeen’s daughter-in-law, Regan Bardeen of WI, gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Evalyn Kay Buck Bardeen, on July 21st. Regan and husband James are doing well; Evalyn joins twin big brothers, 4-year-old Simeon and Luke, in the family.  Also, continued prayers for Bob and Joyce’s daughter, Sarah Gabrielson, who is pregnant with twins. (7-29-16)
  • Tom Blanch had knee replacement surgery again at the VA Hospital in Durham. He seems to be free of infection this time and is now recovering at home.  Tom and Linda anticipate moving back to Ohio soon to be closer to family.  (7-29-16)
  • Steven Nelson’s brother-in-law, Tim Ford, has begun radiation treatment for stage 4 cancer at MD Anderson in Houston, TX. Also, Steven and his family, wife Jessica and daughter Avery, have relocated to Hickory where Steven has taken a youth director position at a church there.  They are also expecting their second child in November.  (7-29-16)
  • Bill and Charlotte Walton have permanently moved to the Davis Community so Bill can receive an increased level of care. (7-29-16)
  • Larry Hiatt finished receiving chemo for lung cancer. He began radiation treatments in June. (6/30/16)
  • Sarah Grace Hill, 16-year-old daughter of Lisa Hill (and granddaughter of Phyllis Smith), has a chronic autoimmune disease. She has been to Chapel Hill numerous times for diagnosis and pain management.  She seems to be doing better for now. (6-30-16)
  • Marsha Wells is in remission and is home following 2 stem cell transplants. Her immune system remains compromised, so no visits at this time. (6-17-16)
  • Mary Andrews has resumed chemotherapy. (5-18-16)
  • Brenda Garrison’s daughter, Paige, received a stem cell transplant for and autoimmune disease, but she is not doing A new treatment was tried that has not helped.  Her bones are now so brittle that they break when she falls. No visits or phone calls at this time. Prayers and cards are appreciated. (4/20/16)
  • David Jones’cousin’s daughter-in-law, Emily Castleberry of Durham, is showing signs of stroke after recent surgery. (4/4/16)
  • Teresa Pierce is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. (3/30/16)
  • LC Dechent’s friend, Doug Deacon, has been diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma. (3/30/16)
  • Lucy James fell at her home in July and broke her elbow and wrist. She had several surgeries and extensive PT at Davis Rehab. She is now home and has help three times a week as she continues to recover. She misses her time volunteering at the front desk at SACPC. (3/21/16)
  • Ira Johnson has been diagnosed with Oblique Supreme Palsy on a fourth nerve in his left eye, causing double vision. He had an appointment at Duke on 5/1/15 for a routine MRI and to have the eye checked. Update: Ira’s double vision is improving and he is seeing a neuro-opthalmalogist. However, the tumor in his forehead is growing. (10/12/15) Ira saw a new doctor at Duke on 2/2/16. Dorothie was recently hospitalized but is now home.  She has had a viral infection in her intestines which has caused other ailments, including an irregular heartbeat.  She is on heart medication and on a restricted diet. (3/16/16)
  • Linda and Denny Smith’s granddaughter, 6-year-old Loren Risgaard, has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. She had a flare up recently in both knees and one ankle and had steroid injections to alleviate the symptoms. The treatments have allowed for significant improvement. (11/8/15)

Long-term Prayer Concerns

Updated: 4-22-16

  • Myra (Blake) Burtt has been diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia. Her dementia has progressed quickly; she moved to the Kempton but has since transitioned to the Commons.  Sharon Walker of GA, one of the Blake sisters, was diagnosed with cancer and had two thyroid surgeries and subsequent radiation treatments.  She is currently in remission, but still covets prayers.  Lauren Swart, daughter of Deborah (Blake) Swart, continues with ongoing treatment for a chronic health condition.  She is working on her master’s degree at Belmont University in Music Industry Business (a miracle!)  Marsha (Blake) Wells was receiving chemotherapy for leukemia in the fall of 2015.  She had a successful stem cell transplant on 3/10 at the Levine Cancer Institute in Charlotte; her sister, Deborah Swart, was the donor.  Marsha will remain in Charlotte for several months. (4/20/16)
  • Lib LeGwin has a leaking heart valve but at 96 feels in good shape. She is very hard of hearing, but loves to receive cards and notes from her SACPC family. (11/15/15)
  • Barbara Liles, 84, who now resides in TX, suffers with back problems. She has sold her car and is using a walker.  But she attends a nice church and her spirits are high.  She loves to hear from members of SACPC. Barbara’s son is attending a Presbyterian church that she likes. (11/14/15)
  • Bob & Louise Clemmons’ 20-year-old grandson, Sampson Clemmons of Leland, has been on dialysis since 2013 and has experienced some serious complications. He is still in need of a kidney transplant. (3/11/15)  He is still waiting to get on the list. (11/8/15)
  • Evelyn Larson’s 22-year-old grandson, Josh, is in need of prayer. He has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. (11/8/15)
  • Nancy Kiefhaber continues to suffer with severe back pain. She broke her hip while in Florida over Christmas, but is now home and slowly recuperating.  She has good and bad days; one leg is now longer than the other. (11/8/15)
  • Julian Lanier’s daughter, Julie Bloss of TX, suffers with Autonomic System Failure (ASF). She is working with doctors in Dallas and Houston.  She plans to go to the Mayo clinic in December. (11/1/15)
  • Ann Montgomery’s great-nephew, 37-year-old Travis Rivenbark, is paralyzed in his legs due to a bicycling accident. He has been accepted by Shepherd’s Hospital in Atlanta into an outpatient treatment that can be done in his apartment. He will be avaluated in December for improvement.  Prayers for his progress so he can stay in the program. (10/28/15)
  • John and Connie Houser’s daughter, Dr. Amy Houser of Raleigh, is paralyzed from the waist down and has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Neuromyelitis Optica. She is entering her fourth year of becoming paralyzed and is struggling with her wheelchair-bound condition.  Amy also has young children. (8/05/15)
  • Jackie Walker Guest’s mother-in-law, Theresa Guest, was diagnosed with breast cancer that spread to her lymph nodes. She went to the Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa, FL, where she had successful surgery in March.  She is currently undergoing a year of radiation treatments. (8/05/15)
  • Mary Andrews has resumed chemotherapy. (5/18/15)
  • Diane Swain has been diagnosed with a rare bone marrow disorder. She is home following tests and treatments at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NY and has begun chemotherapy. (5/4/15)
  • Sue Messina’s brother-in-law, George Boyden, of NJ suffered a stroke in November 2013. He is driving but cannot work.  He is going to apply for disability and needs prayers that he will get it.  Also, Sue’s mother, Joyce Rabey, is now living at Champions and dealing with dementia.  However, she loves her activities at the facility. (2/28/15)
  • Genie Gretz suffers from severe migraine headaches. She has seen some improvement with new medication.  Daughter, Audrey, is at UNC Charlotte. (10/16/14)
  • Steve and Kay Hein’s grandson, Trent, who is 9 years old, has developmental issues. (10/16/14)
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