Our four areas of ministry focus: (1) Provide opportunities for worship (2) Teach the Bible (3) Build and nurture relationships (4) Go and serve.

The Congregational Nominating Committee is currently taking names of potential members for the Pastor Nomination Committee

The Congregational Nominating Committee appreciates the suggestions provided by the congregation for elders and deacons for the class of 2019.  Our church is blessed with many dedicated members of faith with talent and leadership skills.  As the committee is considering your input for these officer roles it is also requesting suggestions of members to serve on the Pastor Nomination Committee.

We seek your suggestions to help us identify potential members for the PNC. Our committee will accept your suggestions through August 7.  Suggestions may be made confidentially online through the church website at sacpc.org or directly by contacting any member of the Congregational Nominating Committee: John Bohbrink (co-chair), Nancy Trout (co-chair), John Barbour, Teddy Davis, Mary Farmer, Jeff Flynn, Ken Garrison, Kelly Hawkins, Ryan Johnson, Susan Kraus, and Laura Peterson.

Pastor Nomination Committee Member Nomination

The PNC operates within the PCUSA guidelines and its activities (related to timing) are coordinated with the Presbytery of Coastal Carolina Commission on Ministry (COM).

Additionally, we ask for your prayers and support as we endeavor to discover and enlist the Lord’s direction of the life of our church.

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