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Camp Kirkwood Update and Immediate Needs

We hope everyone has had a good Spring and Summer 2016! Camp Kirkwood has had an excellent summer! We have been blessed with wonderful campers and counselors. Our new Associate Executive Director, Luke Dooley, has hit the ground running.  Luke and Program Director, Tai Munn, offered great camps and have had happy campers during Summer Camp 2016. Last week, we were blessed with a wonderful message from Rev. Kathy Beach, Associate Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Wilmington at the last Vesper Service of the year.

We are grateful for the financial support and donations of four kayaks this year. If you have not seen the new benches in the Vesper Dell, you need to come out and see them.  We thank Phillip Longest of Wallace Presbyterian Church for installing our new benches.  We now have comfortable seating in the Vesper Dell for 200 folks.  A big thank you to George Bridger, Bill Francis and Scott Garrett for leveling out the clay and spreading a top cover of sand under the new benches!  The new Farmer Kabota tractor enabled the job to be done a little faster that it would have taken with our wheel barrow.

We have several needs at the present time:

If anyone has any stand up paddle boards, we could use 6 paddle boards.

We have just taken delivery of 56 new bunk beds and 112 new comfortable mattresses. **Our immediate need is help in disassembling the old bunk beds, taking them out of the cabins and assembling the new ones.  Luke needs as many volunteers as he can get this coming week and next week.  Any weekday and the next two Saturdays are good.  He only has two weeks to get these new bunk beds assembled and the old ones disassembled and out of the 8 cabins.  He has booked a large group and the bunk beds have to be ready for them.

Please call Luke Dooley to let him know you can help.  His telephone number is 336 409 7938 and his email address is Luke.Dooley@WilmingtonFamilyYMCA.org.

This is an urgent need.  We really need your help.

We also invite churches and Sunday school classes to adopt a cabin to help pay for the new bunk beds and mattresses. $3,500 per cabin is the cost for the 7 bunkbeds and 14 mattresses.

We are blessed to have Camp Kirkwood. Call Luke Dooley to book Kirkwood for your Officer Retreat, Sunday School Class or Youth Group.

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