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Kirkwood Cleanup

From Pate Southerland and Friends of Camp Kirkwood: We pray that your losses were minimal as result of Hurricane Matthew. We also thank you for all the volunteer help and financial assistance you have given in support of the ministry at Camp Kirkwood! There is a great deal of debris on the ground and a few trees were blown down. Our Director at Camp Kirkwood, Luke Dooley, could use some help picking up sticks and limbs. And, if you happen to have a chain saw that would be a great help in removing several trees that were blown down and are blocking a road and several hiking trails. Luke has been working hard to fill Camp Kirkwood with kids, families and other campers. Next weekend (October 21st to 23rd) he has 200 folks scheduled to come use our facilities at Camp Kirkwood! We want to have Camp Kirkwood looking good when they arrive. We really need your help. Our mowing crew is scheduled to mow next week. However, we need help as soon as possible picking up the limbs and other debris and removing the trees that have fallen. Please call Luke at 336-409-7938 or contact him by email at Luke.Dooley@WilmingtonFamilyYMCA.org if you can help clean up the debris and remove the fallen trees. God Bless You and your families!

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