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CARELINE for Friday, December 16, 2016

The CareLine gives a current list of prayer needs in our church: for encouragement, support, sympathy, or celebration. This list is updated three times a week. Please submit a request to us whenever a person should be added to the CareLine. 

Those who have ongoing needs for prayer will be placed on the Prayer Connection. Please submit a request to us whenever a person should be added to the Prayer Connection.


  • Shannon Playl on the baptism of her daughter, Katie Grace, on Sunday, 12/11.
  • John Haake, husband of former music director Abby Woods Haake, is home from his overseas deployment.
  • Charlotte Walton on the birth of her great grandson, Miles Walton Eure, of Raleigh. Parents are Charles and Kylie Eure and grandparents include: Ric Knight and Becky Romulus.



  • Alice Diab’s mother, Barbara Barnette of Asheboro, died on Wednesday, 12/14. The service will be on Saturday, 12/17 at 2pm at the First United Methodist Church of Asheboro.
  • Clyde Strassner’s brother, Gene, of KY died on Wednesday, 12/14.
  • Ben Ivey’s father, Bejamin Carr Ivey, died on Sunday, 12/11. A memorial was held on Thursday, 12/15 at Grace United Methodist Church.
  • Betty Jo Bennett’s son, Chad McCorkle’s father-in-law, Ernesto Fernandez, died unexpectedly on Sunday, 12/11. Prayers are requested for Chad, his wife Maria and Maria’s mother, Mayong Cha.



  • David Jones received a unit of blood on Friday, 12/16 because his hemoglobin level dropped.
  • Lauren Mercer has only one chamber of her heart that is functioning properly and is also pregnant..
  • Jean Anne Sutton had knee replacement surgery on Tuesday, 12/13, and is now at Trinity Grove for PT.
  • Marsha Wells is at Carolina Medical Center in Charlotte undergoing tests and treatments for leukemia and a tumor that was discovered.
  • Paul Nicholasen is doing well following an outpatient procedure on Wednesday, 12/14 at NHRMC.
  • Betsy Wallace is now at Azalea Health and Rehab following recent hospitalization.
  • Clyde Ent is at Trinity Grove following recent hospitalization.
  • Jane Smith suffered a spinal stroke which has caused her to be paralyzed while visiting her daughter in MT. She is in a rehab facility receiving physical therapy.
  • Ira Johnson had an appointment at Duke on Monday, 12/11, to discern treatment options for the tumor that has is bonded with parts of his eye.
  • Shannon Playl’s aunt, Johnsie Cooper, of GA is under hospice care.
  • Dennis Mialki, is scheduled for a biopsy on his prostate on 12/29 in PA.
  • Charles Wade and Kayla Neal’s infant son, Charlie, anticipates having surgery at UNC when he is about 6 months old (March/April) because his skull has fused too quickly not allowing room for the brain to grow.


  • December 11: Bob Tesh, Jackie Black, Charles Wade Neal
  • December 12: Darlene Merritt, Bette Aman, Claire Alley, Rob Bryan, Charleigh Gray Bagley
  • December 13: Jeanine Milner, Samantha McIver
  • December 14: Janet Humphries, Wesley Knape, Claude Page, Fisher Eskew
  • December 15: Gayle Bell, Sonya Johnston, Tyler Stacks, Larkin Mayes
  • December 16: Joan Andrews, David Huffine, Jennings Lathan, Mackenzie Dalton, Olivia Pasin
  • December 17: Judy McGuire, Selma Bento, Alison Yeargan



Andy Connette, Steven Hovdesven and Charlie Hobson, John Haake

Overseas: Jack Guttenberger (South Korea)

THE PRAYER CONNECTION Long-Term Concerns (updated monthly)

Monday, November 14, 2016


  • Nancy Kiefhaber, severe back pain; at hospital with heart issues; will go back to Davis Rehab with hospice care; UPDATE 12-5-16: Nancy passed away 11-17 and the service was 12-3.
  • John and Connie Houser’s daughter, Dr. Amy Houser, paralyzed from waist down, Neuromyelitis Optica; hip surgery on 11/14
  • Ken Haugh had open heart surgery; he will have home recuperation for 6 weeks and then extensive cardio rehab. Ken and his wife, Anne, work for Wycliffe Bible translators, are currently located near Raleigh, and are supported by SACPC.
  • Lib Pusey, CT scan for abdominal pain
  • Emily Liotta’s sister, Becky McArthur, at NHRMC recovering from injuries from a car accident
  • Jodie Smith is home following an extended hospitalization. She’ll continue to receive rehab.
  • Teresa Morgan’s mother, Lois Williamson, health issues
  • Jack Woods’ mother, Betty Woods of NY, broken arm and Alzheimer’s diagnosis
  • Melissa Hinds’ parents, Lillian and Ray Galloway of Greensboro, with Lillian’s declining health
  • Lisa Romero’s step-mother, Caroly Martin, who had pancreatic cancer, died 10/26
  • Ira Johnson, Oblique Supreme Palsy in left eye and tumor behind left eye; issues with pain and swelling
  • Dennis Mialki, serving with Engineers without borders of Pittsburg in October/November on a clean water project in the Andes Mountains in Ecuador.
  • Sid & Frances Bradsher, health concerns
  • Dawn Canady, dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system
  • Genie Gretz, migraines; daughter, Audrey, UNC-Charlotte student, on study abroad in Japan
  • Barbara Liles, back problems
  • Diane Swain, leukemia
  • Julian Lanier’s daughter, Julie Bloss, autonomic system failure
  • Ann Montgomery’s great-nephew, Travis Rivenbark, paralysis from a bike accident
  • Bob & Louise Clemmons’ grandson, Sampson Clemmons, waiting on kidney transplant
  • Myra Burtt, Lewy Body Dementia
  • Lib LeGwin, leaking heart valve
  • Evelyn Estep’s grandson, Josh, schizophrenia
  • Sarah Grace Hill, 16-year-old, chronic autoimmune disease
  • Brenda Garrison’s daughter, Paige, autoimmune disease
  • Teresa Pierce, breast cancer
  • Linda and Denny Smith’s granddaughter, Loren Risgaard, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
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