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New POPS Class Begins January 11, 2017

basic-christianityBasic Christianity: A Reformed Perspective

What are the foundational teachings of the Scriptures and why do they matter?  How are they uniquely “Christian?”  In the adult POPS class for this winter/spring, your pastors will lead a discussion around the basic answers to these questions according to our Reformed tradition.  Booklets for the class will be provided.


11 – Introduction to Theology

18 – Revelation & Scripture

25 – The Doctrine of God


1 – The Doctrine of Creation

8 – The Doctrine of Humanity

15 – The Doctrine of Sin

22 – The Doctrine of Providence


1 – Ash Wednesday (no class)

8 – The Doctrine of Christ

15 – The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

22 – The Doctrine of Salvation

29 – The Doctrine of the Church


5 – The Doctrine of the End Times

12 – Holy Week (no class)

19 – Conclusion


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