Our four areas of ministry focus: (1) Provide opportunities for worship (2) Teach the Bible (3) Build and nurture relationships (4) Go and serve.

Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross (or Way of the Cross) refers to the depiction of the final hours (or Passion) of Jesus. It originated in pilgrimages to Jerusalem with a desire to reproduce the holy places in other lands. We are offering two ways to experience the Stations of the Cross: In the second floor hallway near the Lumunos room are 14 Stations. During this season of Lent, you may want to take the time to read about the Stations of the Cross and reflect about Jesus’ life and death. This spiritual pilgrimage of prayer is available to all and we hope that you will take some special time to walk the Stations. Please also use the Lumunos room nearby for quiet prayer and reflection. You will find more information about the Stations inside, as well as single page Lenten devotionals. (Printed copies of the station words and images are also available
for those who may not be able to walk the stations.) Also, you may walk outside through the Stations of the Cross on the property of Dr. Rich Tamisiea. He has created a path through his woods where the Stations are clearly marked with prayer boxes. He welcomes ALL in the community without scheduling a time……just park outside his property (2 brick pillars) at 6207 Fox Run Road. May you grow closer to God in the season of Lent. Jesus is grace, hope and love.

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