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CARELINE for Monday, March 5, 2017

The CareLine gives a current list of prayer needs in our church: for encouragement, support, sympathy, or celebration. This list is updated three times a week. Please submit a request to us whenever a person should be added to the CareLine. 

Those who have ongoing needs for prayer will be placed on the Prayer Connection. Please submit a request to us whenever a person should be added to the Prayer Connection.


  • Julia George and Luke Tompkins were married on Saturday, March 4th at the Brooklyn Arts Center at St. Andrews.



  • Glenn Fincannon died on Wednesday, March 1st. The service was on Saturday, March 4th at SA-CPC.
  • L. C. Dechent’s mother, Joyce Young of Raleigh, died on Saturday, February 25th.



  • Julian Lanier is at NHRMC.
  • Betsy Wallace has transitioned from the hospital to the hospice care center.
  • Linda Earle Steadman’s brother, Thomas Gunn, broke both bones in his lower right leg just above his ankle, and had surgery on Monday, February 27th, at Duke.
  • Evelyn Estep’s 26-year-old granddaughter, Kayla of Brantford, ON, Canada, is recovering from her diabetic coma. She is paralyzed in the right hand and from the knees down. She had an emergency tracheotomy on Wednesday, 2/22.
  • Nancy Bullard had successful shoulder surgery on Monday, February 20th in Charlotte. She is staying with her daughter during her recuperation.
  • Vickie Lapp’s mother, Dorla Wagoner, is recovering at home following hospitalization for an irregular heartbeat.



  • March 5: John Scheffel, Dawn Wallace, Kinsley Tate
  • March 6: Betty Jo Bennett
  • March 7: Gregory Pleasants, Gloria Vreeland, Graham Tinsley
  • March 8: Grace Napper, Ken Garrison, Kellee Stacks, Jonathan Miller, Anna Grace Padula
  • March 9: Sandy Monroe, Jenifer Phelps
  • March 10: Adrian Bond, Lawrence Conoly, Ellis Tinsley, Meredith Hayes, Allison McCorkle, Rebecca Early, Bennett Bush
  • March 11: Donald Tadlock, Lily Hawkins


Andy Connette, Steven Hovdesven, Charlie Hobson, John Haake, and Jack Guttenberger (South Korea)

 THE PRAYER CONNECTION Long-Term Concerns (updated monthly)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


  • Jane Shelton’s brother, Bud Keziah of FL, is recovering from open heart surgery
  • Lou Greer’s sister, Nancy McAulay, suffering from stroke and dementia
  • Evelyn Estep’s brother, Ken Branston of FL, with lung cancer
  • Larry Tootoo’s sister, Easter Limebeck, on kidney transplant list and has diabetes
  • Lauren Mercer is pregnant and has only one chamber of her heart functioning
  • Charles Wade and Kayla Neal’s infant son, Charlie, craniosynostosis (skull has fused too early); surgery expected at 6 months
  • Marsha Wells, Carolina Medical Center in Charlotte, treatment for leukemia and a tumor that was discovered
  • Jayne Booker, friend of Peggy Hayes, chemo and radiation for Stage 2 Ovarian and Stage 1 uterine cancer
  • Jim Smith (wife, Judy), chemo treatments through Johns-Hopkins Hospital for cancer
  • Chip McGuire, pancreatic cancer treatments
  • John and Connie Houser’s daughter, Dr. Amy Houser of Raleigh, surgery for an infection in her hip; also paralysis due to an auto immune disease
  • Ann McCord of VA, colon cancer (Ann is the daughter of the late David and Kitty Holmes)
  • Jodie Smith, continued rehab after extensive hospitalization
  • Jack Woods’ mother, Betty Woods of NY, broken arm and Alzheimer’s diagnosis
  • Genie Gretz, migraines; daughter, Audrey, UNC-Charlotte student, on study abroad in Japan
  • Barbara Liles, back problems
  • Diane Swain, leukemia
  • Julian Lanier’s daughter, Julie Bloss, autonomic system failure
  • Ann Montgomery’s great-nephew, Travis Rivenbark, paralysis from a bike accident
  • Bob & Louise Clemmons’ grandson, Sampson Clemmons, waiting on kidney transplant
  • Myra Burtt, Lewy Body Dementia
  • Lib LeGwin, leaking heart valve
  • Evelyn Estep’s grandson, Josh, schizophrenia
  • Sarah Grace Hill, 16-year-old, chronic autoimmune disease
  • Brenda Garrison’s daughter, Paige, autoimmune disease
  • Teresa Pierce, breast cancer
  • Linda and Denny Smith’s granddaughter, Loren Risgaard, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
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