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CARELINE for Friday, March 17, 2017

The CareLine gives a current list of prayer needs in our church: for encouragement, support, sympathy, or celebration. This list is updated three times a week. Please submit a request to us whenever a person should be added to the CareLine. 

Those who have ongoing needs for prayer will be placed on the Prayer Connection. Please submit a request to us whenever a person should be added to the Prayer Connection.




  • Marj Kunz’s brother of NJ died recently.
  • Melanie Philips’ mother, Jaquelyn “Jackie” Byrd Raper of Rocky Mount, died on Wednesday, March 15th. The visitation will be on Friday, March 17th from 7 – 8:30 pm at Wheeler and Woodlief Funeral and Cremation and the service will be on Saturday, March 18th at 2 pm at Lakeside Baptist Church.
  • Patti Whitley’s brother, Tim Berly of Charlotte, died on Mach 11th. The service was on Thursday, March 16th. .



  • David Jones has an appointment with his doctors at Duke on Monday, March 20th.
  • Grace Napper had back surgery on Thursday, March 16th at NHRMC where she remains hospitalized.
  • Joe McClellon received a pacemaker on March 13th and has transitioned to Coastal Rehab at NHRMC.
  • Alice Martin’s granddaughter and Lisa Romero’s daughter, Sage Smelik, tore her ACL and had surgery on Friday, March 17th at NHRMC Orthopedic (Cape Fear) where she’ll be hospitalized overnight.
  • Marsha Wells and her family in her battle with cancer. Marsha is now under hospice care.
  • Ira Johnson had an MRI indicating the tumor behind his eye is stable due to radiation treatments.  He will continue to receive infusion treatments every two weeks.
  • Betty Dean had back surgery on March 8th and is now recovering at home following hospitalization. She is now receiving visits and phone calls.



  • March 12: Dana Neel
  • March 13: Lou Greer, Robin Harper, Jim Williams, Sonya Beacham, Tony McEwen
  • March 14: Jean Nickol, Steve Kash, Thomas Eskew, Will Cameron, Stanton Bissette
  • March 15: Pat Hardee, Jenson Wallace
  • March 17: Gladys McIver, Leon Skinner, Sandra Hiatt, Mike Lee, Chelsea Stacks


Andy Connette, Steven Hovdesven, Charlie Hobson, John Haake, and Jack Guttenberger (South Korea)

 THE PRAYER CONNECTION Long-Term Concerns (updated monthly)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


  • Jane Shelton’s brother, Bud Keziah of FL, is recovering from open heart surgery
  • Lou Greer’s sister, Nancy McAulay, suffering from stroke and dementia
  • Evelyn Estep’s brother, Ken Branston of FL, with lung cancer
  • Larry Tootoo’s sister, Easter Limebeck, on kidney transplant list and has diabetes
  • Lauren Mercer is pregnant and has only one chamber of her heart functioning
  • Charles Wade and Kayla Neal’s infant son, Charlie, craniosynostosis (skull has fused too early); surgery expected at 6 months
  • Marsha Wells, Carolina Medical Center in Charlotte, treatment for leukemia and a tumor that was discovered
  • Jayne Booker, friend of Peggy Hayes, chemo and radiation for Stage 2 Ovarian and Stage 1 uterine cancer
  • Jim Smith (wife, Judy), chemo treatments through Johns-Hopkins Hospital for cancer
  • Chip McGuire, pancreatic cancer treatments
  • John and Connie Houser’s daughter, Dr. Amy Houser of Raleigh, surgery for an infection in her hip; also paralysis due to an auto immune disease
  • Ann McCord of VA, colon cancer (Ann is the daughter of the late David and Kitty Holmes)
  • Jodie Smith, continued rehab after extensive hospitalization
  • Jack Woods’ mother, Betty Woods of NY, broken arm and Alzheimer’s diagnosis
  • Genie Gretz, migraines; daughter, Audrey, UNC-Charlotte student, on study abroad in Japan
  • Barbara Liles, back problems
  • Diane Swain, leukemia
  • Julian Lanier’s daughter, Julie Bloss, autonomic system failure
  • Ann Montgomery’s great-nephew, Travis Rivenbark, paralysis from a bike accident
  • Bob & Louise Clemmons’ grandson, Sampson Clemmons, waiting on kidney transplant
  • Myra Burtt, Lewy Body Dementia
  • Lib LeGwin, leaking heart valve
  • Evelyn Estep’s grandson, Josh, schizophrenia
  • Sarah Grace Hill, 16-year-old, chronic autoimmune disease
  • Brenda Garrison’s daughter, Paige, autoimmune disease
  • Teresa Pierce, breast cancer
  • Linda and Denny Smith’s granddaughter, Loren Risgaard, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
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