Getting to Know: “T” Worrell

There are many people serving God’s church in exciting ways. One person we’d like you to meet is Travis “T” Worrell. 

My name is “T” (for Travis) Worrell and I was born in KY to John and Delores Worrell who are both North Carolina natives. When I was in elementary school my family moved to Jacksonville, NC to get closer to home (mom is from Clinton, NC and dad is from Goldsboro, NC). I lived there until 2002 when I moved to Wilmington, except for the summers when I worked at Boy Scout camp and the ’98-’99 school year when I attended NC State University, Go Wolfpack! In Wilmington I worked in various jobs including retail, warehouse, ice sculpting, and carpentry and met many wonderful people – the most important of whom is my wife Stacey. We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party and had our first date on Aug. 12, 2010. We were married on March 1, 2014 and joined Saint Andrews-Covenant on March 2, 2014. That summer I finished my BS in Biology at UNCW and began work on my M. Divinity at Union Presbyterian Seminary at their Charlotte, NC campus.

This Sept. I will start my fourth year of seminary of the five year program. This spring I met with a group from our Presbytery’s Committee for Preparation on Ministry and discussed the move from the Inquirer stage of becoming an ordained Teaching Elder, what we Presbyterians call pastors, to the Candidate stage. They told me about the steps I need to take to become a Candidate and voted to allow me to continue on this path as an Inquirer. I am excited about this time in my life where I am learning about the role of a Teaching Elder in the church, about the bible, and the church itself. I am also excited about all the new opportunities, like preaching my first sermon to a congregation this Sunday at our service for the Lord’s Day. Thank you for all your support in this time of new beginnings and especially for your prayers for this first sermon. I greatly appreciate all your support this far and count on it in the future to get me where I need to be to take the Word of God to the people of God.


~ “T” Will be preaching at all services Sunday, July 30, 2017