Pastor Notes: Worship, Blessings, and Scripture

Dear St. Andrews-Covenant family:

I am grateful for your positive comments about my sermon last Sunday. It was a pleasure to be a servant of Christ – teaching and proclaiming that God restores our soul.

I hope you will be in church on August 6. We will have a Service of Anointing at all three worship services: chapel at 8:30am, sanctuary at 10:15am, and Brown Hall at 10:15am. As you come forward to receive the bread and cup, an elder will bless you with an anointing of oil on your forehead. This moment will be in the name of the Lord. Check out James 5:14 for a scripture reference. I hope and pray that this time will be refreshing and renewing for you.

Speaking of worship, on Monday, August 24, the Session heard about the fall schedule of worship, location, and time that starts on Rally Day, Sunday, September 10. Here it is:

  • 9am: Chapel worship (30 minutes)
  • 9:30am: Coffee fellowship
  • 9:45am: Sunday school for all ages
  • 10:45am: Coffee fellowship
  • 11am: Worship in the sanctuary
  • 11am: Worship in Brown Hall

Soon, we will post a new video produced by Bob Searl that illustrates the styles of each service.

The Session also had good discussion about Building and Nurturing Relationships, decided to release the monthly Session minutes the day after they are approved, will meet at the end of August for a two day retreat, voted to approve a new Child and Youth Protection Policy, heard that Cliff Hester has agreed to be the Adult Education team leader, agreed that September 10 will be casual dress Sunday because of the fun lunch after 11am worship on the lawn, heard that we will celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation during all of October, were blessed by the plans for a grand worship celebration on October 29 (Reformation Sunday) in the sanctuary from 10:30am to 12noon (with a BBQ in Brown Hall afterwards), and were serenaded by the Youth Choir at 9pm.

Last week, I read Psalm 85 three days in a row. Look it up right now! The words and phrases have rolled around in my mind. Listen to them: You forgave the iniquity (2); Restore us (4); Show us your unfailing love (7); Love and faithfulness meet together (10); The Lord will indeed give what is good (12). This Psalm has held me together recently.

I don’t know about you, but for me, I have found scripture to be helpful and encouraging and challenging and inspiring and uplifting. And so has the Session! Since January of 2016, the Session has been studying Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians. We are now in chapter eight. Each month, we seriously consider what God is saying to us through scripture. Why not decide today to begin studying on your own or with a group? You can join a group at the church or start one on your own. Pray about it and take action.

With the unfailing love of God!