Getting to Know: Rita Pasquariello

Rita Pasquariello and her husband John joined SACPC in 1990. They’ve raised two children, Patrick and Elizabeth, in the church, and they are fixtures at the Brown Hall worship service. Rita sings in the Praise Band and John often works the soundboard. Rita also serves as a member of SACPC’s Pastor Nominating Committee, which is tasked with nominating a permanent Pastor/Head of Staff.

Rita recently accepted the position of Coordinator for our Brown Hall worship service. As coordinator, she will recruit and equip people to provide prayers of praise and scripture readings; organize communion and baptisms along with staff and other Worship Team leaders; work with the Deacons in the area of ushering and preparing Brown Hall for worship; provide oversight for sound, sight, and lighting; work with the Brown Music Director on communication and participation of the band; and provide coordination with any matter relating to the Brown Hall service. This is a volunteer position, and we are grateful for Rita’s willingness to serve Christ in this way!