Malawi Partnership Update

The Malawi Partnership team is delighted to report that funds raised for educating students, and for support for our partnership with Chuluchosema Church CCAP, have been wired and received. Here is the breakdown of where the funds are going:

  • Education: $38,418.39 for school sponsorships and school needs. These funds were raised last fall by SACPC families and friends (including $800 raised by SACPC member Tyler Glatt and friends from Hoggard High School), and funds from Little Chapel on the Boardwalk.
  • Zomba Street Kids Feeding Program: $4,837.04 to send approximately 80 homeless children to school, including providing each student with a school uniform and a daily meal. These funds come from our Five-Cents-a-Meal offering in combination with the Cents-a-bility offerings collected by our Presbytery.
  • Well Maintenance: $170 for upkeep on the wells dug last year at the Draper Secondary School. These funds represent the remainder of the funds raised last year by The Table Sunday School class for well development and support.
  • Missionary Support for Rev. Silas Ncozana: $1,500 to support Rev. Ncozana and his ministry in Chulochosema. These funds come from our Go & Serve budget.
  • Agogo Program for Senior Citizens at Chuluchosema Church: $2,000 for blankets, inflammatory medication, and opportunities to socialize and exercise for grandparents in Chulochosema. In Malawi many grandparents raise their orphaned grandchildren. These funds come from our Go & Serve budget.

In total we sent $46,925.43 to support our ministry in Malawi, one of the poorest countries on Earth. Thanks be to God for your generosity, and for the support of Presbytery and our Wilmington Community!