Correspondence: Silas Ncozana

Malawi, Africa

The following is a letter from Silas Ncozana to Margo Davy, our Malawi Team leader, in response to the recent wiring of funds to support our Malawi ministries.

Dear Margo,

I am very much touched deep down my heart to note your effort in raising such an amount in order to meet our needs here. I am specially touched by Tyler Glatt, a high school student who, singly raised $800 toward education fund. Next time a group comes from sapcc, please include him. He has a lot teach us and our students at Draper.

The breakdown you have sent is very clear. I will ensure that it is followed by our new Session Clerk and Dickson’s committee members who are responsible for disbursing the funds.

I also take thankful note for supporting me financially in running my Land Rover without which I would be walking from Blantyre to Chuluchosema; not even long distance runners do that and be in time for worship and programmes.

Further, I appreciate that on the break down, you included Street Kids in Zomba. I will transfer their total amount to their account in Zomba under the custody of Mr. Mmanga – Hon Treasurer.

Our excitement at Chuluchosema this week is the roaring maize mill. Women in the village no longer walk long distances to have their corn milled into flour for nsima.

I wait to hear from you once your committee meets with regard to my envisaged trip there. I have told my heart not to start throbbing with excitement and joy of meeting you again and all the saints.

With warm regards

Ed note: SACPC’s Tyler Glatt and fellow Hoggard students raised money last school year to support Malawi Education. Read about their efforts.