Getting to Know: Jen Phelps

Jenifer Phelps has been a member of SACPC since 1991. She has been married to her husband Malcolm for 23 years years, and they have two children – Zac, age 16 and Olivia, age 13. Jen started volunteering in our Youth Ministry program seven years ago as a Sunday School teacher, D-Group leader, and general herder and hugger of teenagers. She has also served SACPC as a Deacon and sings with the Praise Band in Brown Hall.

In her other professional life, she is a nurse practitioner certified in oncology and psychiatry. She is the owner of The Healing Partnership, and provides counseling for those facing cancer and other chronic illnesses.

In her “free time”, Jen enjoys being in and on the water, wandering, reading, napping, and looking up recipes on Pinterest that she will never actually make.