Pastor Notes: Enthusiasm and Dedication

Practicing my sermon always puts some people to sleep!

I believe there is great encouragement in our church right now. I have witnessed a definite upswing in the church. I’m not sure if that’s the right word. Maybe this is better: I see God at work in our church right now. Here’s the evidence that I have heard about or observed.

First, Gail Richardson was just hired to be the Director of Children’s Ministry. No longer an interim! She will work up to 29 hours per week. Vacation Bible School was amazing this summer; her plans for Sunday school, parenting seminars, and POPS are amazing. You can read more about Gail in next week’s edition of Saints Alive. And Jen Phelps was also just hired to be the Director of Youth Ministries, up to 25 hours per week, along with Taylor Williams as the youth intern. This is exciting news! This summer, youth ministry has taken on new meaning and great enthusiasm with the Summer of Love. Gail and Jen are wonderful new additions to the staff.

Second, POPS is set to begin again. We have a new cook. All of the ministry areas are getting ready for September 13 when we begin with education and dinner and music and choirs and classes and laughter and good fellowship and bells and children/youth/adults of all ages all together. My wife and I love Wednesday nights at SACPC with POPS. I hope you will come.

Third, the early morning Chapel service is growing. People love coming. Within 30 minutes we have all of worship: Welcome, Psalm, Call to Worship, Prayer of Confession and Assurance of God’s love, scripture read and proclaimed, the Sacrament of Holy Communion, a closing hymn, and then after the Benediction, a time to share joy and thanksgiving. Three opportunities for worship in three locations, using three styles – quite remarkable!

Fourth, more people are saying “yes.” With enthusiasm and dedication! You are positive about the future of St. Andrews-Covenant. You are willing to give your time and talents and treasure to the building of God’s kingdom. I am grateful.

Lastly, I believe people are growing in Christ. I hear y’all saying that you are reading the scriptures more and wanting to be in a Bible study and planning to give new energy to adult Sunday school classes and seeking others for prayer and urging others to attend church. Thanks be to God!

Here’s a scripture passage that has blessed me this week. It’s from Psalm 98.

Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth,
Burst into jubilant song with music.

Jubilant means showing great joy, being satisfied, and expressing good cheer. That’s my prayer for all of us. May all of us grow and discover joy in the Lord.

With the unfailing love of God!