PNC Update

The pastor nominating committee (PNC), representative of the whole congregation and elected by the congregation, has the ultimate responsibility for nominating a minister to the congregation for election as the next pastor or associate pastor. Since September of 2016, the PNC has worked through the pastoral search process, seeking to hear the call of Christ and “to participate in God’s own choice” for SACPC’s next pastor.

With few exceptions, the PNC has met weekly since September 2016, Initially we worked to establish how we function as a group, deciding on such things as settling disagreements, how we would process Pastor Information Forms (PIFs), and the like. We then spent time reviewing and discussing the Congregational Questionnaire, which was initiated by the session during the Spring of 2016. More than 300 SACPC members participated in that questionnaire, and we had a lot to evaluate. Speaking to each of our current pastors was also something we did during this timeframe.

This initial research was completed so that we could properly develop a Ministry Information Form (MIF). An MIF serves as a source of information for prospective candidates about the church, explaining such things as mission, vision for ministry, and position-specific responsibilities. We completed the MIF in December after working with the Session to address certain questions about our ministry focus and our new leadership structure. View our MIF

In January we posted our MIF. Within days, PIFs started rolling in. The PNC spent the past eight months receiving, reading, and evaluating PIFs – and actively, outwardly recruiting applicants, all in a spirit of prayerful openness to the movement of God’s Spirit. Here are a few details covering the scope of our effort…

  • Number of PIFs reviewed: 300+
  • Number of websites researched: 100+
  • Number of sermons heard: 100+
  • Number of months we have been working: 11

We are aware that it has seemed like we’ve been at this for a long time – perhaps too long. It is worth noting that the last PNC we had searching for a Pastor/Head of Staff worked for 18 months before they were ready for a congregational vote on a candidate. We’re far short of that benchmark.

Of course the question is whether we will take as long as that last PNC. Know that we remain hard at work and have made tremendous progress on this marvelous and rewarding journey – and we have moved to the Invite/Possible Travel phase. This phase involves critical activities pertaining to discernment, and it is confidential to protect the candidates, their current jobs, their families, and all others involved. Due to the confidentiality of the phase, it may appear that the PNC has slowed down, or even that we cannot find a suitable candidate. We assure you that behind the scenes things are zooming! The search is bright, exciting, and there are many very qualified candidates out there. We’re working very hard to make sure we recognize the one God has set aside to lead our church.

Where do we go after the Invite/Possible Travel phase? The Nominate Phase! We are hopeful that God will move us to that phase soon.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Be encouraged and encourage one another!

The Pastor Nominating Committee

Tom Glatt (Co-Chair)
Robert McIver (Co-Chair)
Rita Pasquariello (Secretary)
Robin Harper (Corresponding Secretary)
Lisa Bohbrink
Dumay Gorham
Erin Hester
Tommy Wallace
Paige Williams