Pastor Notes: Thanks for the Laughter and the Joy

Petco Park, rooting for the Dodgers in 2015

Dear St. Andrews-Covenant family:

On this Monday, August 14, we leave for a vacation and study leave. Both are quite helpful for right now!

First, we fly to Kansas City. The roof on our home there needs replacement and the back door has to be repaired. And we are considering remodeling the kitchen, so measurements and consultation is needed. We are trying to get our home ready for our arrival. We stay in Olathe, Kansas, only two days.

Second, we fly to Los Angeles. Our two families in California have arranged for a west coast reunion on Saturday, August 19. Six adults and 13 children: the odds are not in our favor. We look forward to watching the three one-year-old cousins meet each for the first time. Sounds like a fun time for us as grandparents.

Third, we fly to Reno on Sunday, August 20. (No, not to gamble!) Then we’ll drive to South Lake Tahoe to stay at the Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center for four nights. The Well-Being Retreat, sponsored by the Presbyterian Church Board of Pensions, starts on Monday and ends on Wednesday. Here’s what the retreat brochure says: “This retreat offers pastors and their spouses a unique opportunity to explore wholeness through the spiritual, health, financial, and vocational aspects of their lives. Participants are able to customize the retreat experience by selecting the educational workshops and guided activities that best support their journey to well-being.”

We fly home on Thursday, August 24. I’ll be back in the church office on Friday, August 25, all ready for the Session Retreat at SACPC that is on Friday and Saturday, August 25 and 26.

While I am gone, Rev. Gary Smith will handle pastoral emergencies since Robb will also be gone for a few days.

Thanks for your prayers and your encouragement! Thanks for the laughter and the joy. Thanks for the grace you give each other.

With the unfailing love of God!