Pastor Notes: This is Exciting!

Dear St. Andrews-Covenant family:

During September, October, November, and December, we will focus on the four areas of ministry. Here’s what I mean:

In the four weeks of September, we have Rally Day on September 10 (Casual Dress Sunday) and we start POPS on Wednesday, September 13. Let’s work on building and nurturing relationships. How can we do that? You could enjoy all of the fellowship activities after 11 a.m. worship on Rally Day. Food and games! Talk and laugh together. You could attend a different worship service one time during September. You could invite someone new out to lunch or brunch after worship. You could decide to build a friendship bridge with a person because maybe the relationship needs restoration. You could start attending POPS, both dinner and one of the study groups. After all, we have a new cook, Jackie Norton, and she comes with great recommendations. Or you could spend a few moments with an old friend that needs your love.

During the five Sundays of October, we will celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation with five sermons on Reformed Theology. Robb, Gary, and I will become a preaching team for study and preparation. Let’s work on discovering ways to teach the Bible. How can we do that? You could start a home Bible study. Maybe in your neighborhood! You could join a Sunday school class. You could start reading the Bible. Mark’s Gospel is a great place to begin. You could make a new commitment to read through the Bible (Reading three chapters a day will get you through in one year and reading one chapter a day will get you through in three years.) On the last Sunday of October, we worship together in the sanctuary (10:30 a.m. to noon) with a blended service of songs and hymns, guitar and organ, choral and band.

In November, we have stewardship and some visits with missionaries. How can we Go and Serve? Both here in Wilmington and across the world! You could start praying for the local and global missions that we support. You could decide to join a mission group, maybe in Malawi or here in North Carolina. You could think about helping the youth choir or youth fellowship with some of their mission trips. You could make a strong financial pledge so that our Go and Serve budget is well-funded. You could decide to be part of the Go and Serve team that meets monthly for dinner and strategy. You could start volunteering at Haven or Good Shepherd or many other SACPC supported local missions. And then at the end of November, we are reminded to be thankful, which is the basis for serving others.

During December, we celebrate the birth of Jesus through our preparation during Advent, and through the music and sights and lights and color and interest and song of Christmas, as we provide opportunities for worship in so many ways. What can we do? You could prepare yourself for worship each Sunday. You could volunteer to help as an usher or choir member or band member. You could speak to worship coordinators about needs. You could realize that worship is not just what you receive but what you give as well. You could think and pray about how SACPC can provide more opportunities for worship, maybe beyond the walls of our church.

This is exciting for me! Through the emphasis on these four areas of ministry focus, we can establish the vision for our church based on worship, scripture, relationships, and mission.

With the unfailing love of God!