Rally Day is Almost Here!

During the summer, vacations, house guests, lazy days, and the like conspire to draw us away from one another. Summer can also be a spiritually draining time. Good intentions of sticking to regular worship and Bible study are easily derailed as a result of summer’s many distractions. By summer’s end, we’re often ready for spiritual renewal. That is what Rally Day is all about.

Rally Day is that day at the end of summer where we “rally” together to kick of a new period of renewal, worship, learning, and serving. Rally Day is when we re-engage, together, as one body in Christ, in praise and worship, in the study of scripture, and in service.

This year Rally Day is Sunday, September 10. Join us that day as we draw together to renew our energy for, and commitment to, our Lord Jesus Christ.

But remember… Rally Day is just the beginning! Rally Day brings with it a new Fall schedule full of opportunities for worship, the study of scripture, getting to know one another, and serving. Over the next few weeks we will highlight those many opportunities to reconnect to each of our four areas of ministry focus.

If you’ve paid attention lately you know that SACPC is a “church alive” – even during these slow days of summer. God has amazing plans for our church, and for you! Rally with us on September 10 to celebrate all that God has in store for us.