Sunday School, Bible Study, & Classes

Enrich your faith through Sunday School, Bible Study, & Classes

Sunday School

Sundays at 9:45

  • Connette-Covenant (Rm 226): A long-running class comprised of women and men, mid-60s and older, that presents Biblical and topical subjects taught by class leaders and guest teachers.
  • Emanon (Rm 214): A mixed-age class of women and men using the ecumenical Feasting on the Word curriculum for weekly Bible study and discussion.
  • Evans-Feezor (Sacristy): A comradery of retired men using The Present Word curriculum for weekly Bible study and discussion.
  • Friendship (Rm 240): A strong fellowship of women mostly over 65 using The Present Word curriculum for weekly Bible study and discussion.
  • The Door (Rm 224): A class of men and women led by Rev. Dr. Bardeen focusing on scripture.
  • Stillpoint (Rm 212): A group of women focusing on spiritual growth through readings done in class followed by short silent reflection and lively discussion.
  • The Table (Homebuilder’s Classroom): A class comprised of young adults (20s-40s), focusing on Bible study and discussion.
  • Venture (Rm 236): A class of women and men mid-50s and older who challenge one another to grow in and live out their Christian faith.
  • Walking in the Word (Library): A mixed-age Bible-study and discussion group made up of both men and women, singles and couples, with shared leadership.

Bible Studies

Various Days/Times

  • Companions Bible Study: This women’s group meets every Monday, 10am in the Church Library, from September to May. They use various study resources throughout the year. The group starts back on September 11 studying John MacArthur’s Twelve Ordinary Men.
  • More Than a Story: This lively, participant-led Bible study group meets every Tuesday at 10am in the Church Library. Taking the Bible one step at a time, we started with Genesis and this fall we are continuing with 1 and
    2 Chronicles.
  • Women’s Bible Study: A new monthly Bible Fellowship group for women in their 20s to 40s begins this fall. Meetings will be held on the second Tuesday evening each month.
  • Men’s Bible Study: This group has been meeting each Wednesday morning since 1989. They meet each Wednesday at 7am in the Church Dining Room for coffee, fellowship, study and prayer. This fall they are continuing their study of the book of Acts.

POPS Classes

Wednesdays at 6:30

  • Faith and the Presidents: This class, led by the Rev. Gary Smith, will explore the faith of some of our nation’s greatest, and most notorious, presidents.
  • Philosophy for Christians. This class, led by the Rev. Dr. Bob Bardeen, will explore the traditional disciplines of western philosophy.
  • WOW for Children and Parents: This program, led by Gail Richardson and Cindy Litzinger, is designed for kids ages Kindergarten through 5th grade. During this program parents are provided an an hour to do what they need do.
  • Youth Worship and D-Groups: This program, led by Jen Phelps, provides middle and high school youth a midweek opportunity for worship, fellowship, and learning.