Changing of the Guard

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It’s Official! Bill Aman has turned over his keys to Jim Parker, our new Facilities Manager.  Bill has done an outstanding job looking after the place as Interim Facilities Manager since February of this year.  Please join the Staff in expressing our appreciation to Bill for his dedication and a job well done!  Going forward, […]

On This Rock I Will Build My Church

on this rock

One of the first disciples introduced in the Gospel of John is a man by the name of Simon.  He has been brought to Jesus by his brother Andrew.  When Jesus meets Simon, something very unusual happens; Jesus says, others may call you Simon, but I am going to call you Peter.  It is not […]

Youth Choir Music & Mission – Participant Blogs

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“There are so many things that were just amazing about this trip, one of the most amazing things that I was able to experience was working at the Mercy Church. It was a fairly easy going group of homeless and homed citizens worshiping, eating, and socializing together. Anyway, we went there the first day and everyone […]



It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.  Paul writes those words to the early church and for us today.  When I hear the word freedom, I associate it with the freedom won to govern ourselves nearly 240 years ago.  Freedom means independence.  As Americans, we treasure that freedom we have to govern […]

“I Can’t Be A Stephen Minister!”

Stephen Ministry

Dear friends,   “I can’t be a Stephen Minister!” Anytime God calls us to a particular ministry, the “I can’t” phrase is bound to be nearby. What are some of the reasons you’ve given yourself for not becoming a Stephen Minister? Here are some that I’ve heard:   “I’m not qualified to be a Stephen […]

Take Time To Rest


Last week, I spent several days at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.  I was able to spend some time working on future sermons and also visit with one of my favorite seminary professors Dr. Andrew Purves.  You may remember Dr. Purves as he was our main speaker for our 150th anniversary celebration.  We talked about a lot […]

The Reverend Steven Hein’s 2011 Annual Report


When writing an annual report, it is easy to take out my calendar and look backwards at the events that have taken place.  Then I can “report”.  I will highlight just a couple of 2011’s memorable moments for me.  First was the trip to Malawi in June where we became a “Sister” church with the […]


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VALUES AND VISION   Do you know what they are at SACPC?  Without looking at our newsletter or our website could you name them?  Here is a way to help us all remember what we value and what our vision is at our church.   Think of a person who never comes to church, who […]

Where Were You?

When I was growing up, the question often asked us was, where were you when President Kennedy was assassinated?  I remember that day because I was home sick watching television, and the program was interrupted by news reporter Walter Cronkite. Today when we ask the question, “Where were you?”, most of our minds go back […]

A Painted Prayer…

As a freshman at Davidson College, I remember the first time I was invited to “Thursday Night Worship,” an entirely student-led worship service held every Thursday night at 10 PM in the sanctuary of Davidson College Presbyterian Church. This worship service was unique for many reasons, but what really got my attention was that a […]


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