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Week 11 Review (POPS-Getting a Grip on the Bible)

With the background for the story now set by the Prologue, the story of what God is doing in the world slows down to focus on a single family – the family of Abraham. Before doing this though, the story teller makes sure that we do not miss how it is that what follows is directly connected to what has come before. The Prologue ends by telling us that Abraham is connected to Noah, Noah is connected to Adam/Eve, and thus Abraham is connected to Adam/Eve. God is continuing what he has started. God is at work in and through his creation and history…

Adult Brazil Medical Mission Trip, September 20-28, 2014

Brazil Medical Mission Trip – Manaus and the Amazon Villages September 20-28, 2014 WORKING WITH: Petropolis Presbyterian Church, Manaus, Brazil TEAM LEADERS: Steve Hein and Kay Hein, Stephanie Hackney Riley, Betty Feezor and Robin Harper The Mission Committee of the Petropolis Church has invited us to join them in a medical mission trip.  Stephanie Hackney more »