We believe that God has revealed to us that we are to become a church where every member of the church is actively living our values. Are YOU living the values? Learn more about them…


We have a wide range of committees tasked with the various responsibilities necessary to support the life of the church.

sacpc apple iconEach Committee is listed under their value (God, Faith, Family, Equipping, Serving, Support) which is overseen by an Elder, listed  and Committee Chair(s), listed. To contact a committee, click on the chair or elder’s name) CLICK HERE for Leadership Resources

Current committees include:

GOD (Elders: De Gladstone, Rita Pasquarello, and Jerry Shelton)

  • Worship: Coordinates all aspects of the worship services – working closely with the pastor/head of staff and music ministry. (Chair: Sam Query)  Responsibilities include:
    • Traditional Worship Services
    • Contemporary Worship Services – coordinated by a sub-committee
    • Music Ministry
    • Altar Guild
    • Wedding Guild
  • Evangelism: Coordinates the support ministry for visitors by developing an official welcome process and creating teams to reach out to visitors who identify themselves to us.(Chair: Bob Trout) Responsibilities include:
    • Sunday visitation after worship services
    • Training visitation teams
    • Coordinating Alpha program
    • Providing evangelism training for congregation

FAITH (Elders: Sarah Anderson, Jane Raney, and Tucker Stevens)

  • Christian Education: Assists church family members and visitors with learning more about God and God’s word. (Chairs: Sharon Roberts (Adult), Kent Anderson (Youth), and Nancy Braswell (Children)Responsibilities include:
    • Sunday School – subcommittees for adult, youth and children
    • Wednesday Evening POPS Classes
    • Special Events/Guest Speakers
  • Spiritual Life: Creates opportunities for members and friends to strengthen and deepen faith through developing relationships with God and with one another.(Chairs: Laura Peterson & Alison Sineath) The committee works for the formation of Christian life in the congregation and in each person of the church in a variety of ways, including:
    • Cultivating Christian relationships through covenant groups
    • Providing spiritual renewal through retreats and pilgrimages
    • Maintaining a sacred space; a quiet room for prayer, reflection and small groups
    • Developing an ongoing lending library of devotional materials
    • Encouraging intergenerational spiritual growth
  • Women’s Ministry: ??????? .(Chair: Kathy Benson)

FAMILY (Elders:Bill Francis, Shelley Hobson, Paul Nicholasen; Deacons: Larry Tootoo, Carolyn Leonard, Melinda Stewart)

  • Fellowship: Identifies, plans and facilitates “church family” activities for all church members and friends to create a loving, caring community of believers. (Chair: LC Dechent) Responsibilities include:
    • POPS Dinners
    • Special programs such as Easter Fellowship on the Lawn and an annual variety show
    • Bereavement Meals and Receptions
    • The Welcome Table
  • New Member Assimilation: Helps new members become involved and attached to the life of the church by hosting new member classes, creating mentor relationships, and providing opportunities for gathering with other new members. (Chair: Jeff Flynn)
  • Caregiving: Nurtures our congregation during both difficult time and joyous celebrations and creates or uses existing programs such as Stephen Ministry, Divine Drivers, Love Connection, letter writing and phone calls to provide support. (Chair: Paige Williams)
  • Inactive Member: ?????? (Chair: Sheila Woods)
  • Recreation: ?????? (Chair: Pate Southerland)
  • Small Group Support: ?????? (Chair: Betty Jo Bennett)

EQUIPPING (Elders:Tom Harris, Bob Martenis, and Jeff Turpin)

  • Stewardship: Coordinates gathering of gifts for SACPC to include the annual pledge campaign. (Chair: Tom Harris & Richard Roessler)

SERVING (Elders: John Bohbrink, Betty Feezor and Robin Harper)

  • Mission: Fosters active involvement and a commitment of global mission outreach among young people and adults. (Chair: Bill Landen)
  • Service and Outreach: Coordinates congregational support for internal and external local missions and encourages active volunteerism from members of the church. (Chair: Melinda Ball)

SUPPORT (Elders: Bill Aman, Bob Cherry and Cindy Simpson)

  • Building and Grounds: Maintains the church plant and equipment. (Chair: LC Dechant) Responsibilities include:
    • Maintenance
    • Inspections
    • Church van
    • Equipment purchases
    • Facilities use (approvals)
    • Memorial Garden: Management and maintenance of the Memorial Garden – a place for scattering ashes or placing ashes in a granite niche (inurned).
  • Long Range Planning: Works to identify the vision of the future for St. Andrews-Covenant Presbyterian Church
  • Marketing/Communications:  Coordinates the message of the church in all media forms, seeking to share the word of God and life of the church with members and the community. (Acting Chair: Shelley Hobson)
  • Personnel: Oversees the administrative responsibility for the church staff. (Chair: Phyllis Leimer) Responsibilities include:
    • Staff structure
    • Job descriptions
    • Vacation and sabbatical policies
    • Pay recommendations
    • Benefits
    • Volunteer staff assignments
  • Technology: Oversees the hardware and software for the church. (Chair: John Philips) Responsibilities include:
    • Identification and purchase/lease of appropriate computer hardware
    • Identification and purchase/lease of appropriate software (member management software, website software, etc)
    • Identification and purchase/lease of other office equipment (copiers, telephones, etc)
  • Finance: Oversees the financial program of the church. (Chair: Jim Bryan) Responsibilities include:
    • Developing the policies and guidelines for all financial matters related to the church
    • Overseeing the preparation of monthly and annual financial statements
    • Working with the Stewardship Committee to determine the funds available
    • Managing the income producing assets of the church (rental property, investments, etc)
  • Nominating: A group of officers and members of the church who prayerfully discern God’s will for SACPC leadership and recommend a list of members to serve as elders and deacons.


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