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Deacons at SACPC oversee the Caregiving, Fellowship, Recreation, and New Member Assimilation ministries. The term “oversee” is an appropriate term because at SACPC Deacons are not the only ones who provide care, encourage and manage fellowship, develop appropriate recreation, and ensure that new members are fulling integrated into the life of the church. Deacons take the lead and encircle the church with a whole congregation of people who care and pray, who help us gather for the good of the church family, who encourage play, and who minister to new members.

The role of the caring Deacon was established in the early church by the 6th Chapter of Acts. The new church had the Apostles for preaching and praying but no one to tend to the flock–their life together was in disarray. This special ministry of servers is modeled after the ministry of Jesus Christ who came to serve others. At SACPC, our Deacons carry on that tradition.

The Diaconate

Deacon Emeritus

  • Myra B. Burtt

Class of 2014

Class of 2015

Class of 2016


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