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Adult Education 2016

Adult Education 2016  Sunday School reminder:  On January 3rd: we will have our normal worship schedule; but during the Sunday School hour (9:45am) we will have a welcome reception for our new interim pastor and his wife, Rev. Dr. Bob and Joyce Bardeen. Sunday School Schedule: classes start back up on January 10th.  Please note […]

What's your story

Weekly Devotion September 14, 2015

A Story to Tell . . . Eugene Peterson writes in his introduction to Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places that “[w]e begin a journey by first deciding on a destination.”  Or, as he quotes from T.S. Eliot, “In my end is my beginning.” Our journey of discipleship together as SACPC continues, and as it […]


POPS – Wednesday, Jan. 28th @ 6:30 p.m. (Brown Hall)

This week as we continue our preaching series on the cross, we consider the cost of following Jesus. What might the costs be? Should we even consider the costs? Join us at POPS as Pastor David Augustus addresses these questions and much more. As you prepare for POPS and for worship on February 1st, think on […]

Week 11 Review (POPS-Getting a Grip on the Bible)

With the background for the story now set by the Prologue, the story of what God is doing in the world slows down to focus on a single family – the family of Abraham. Before doing this though, the story teller makes sure that we do not miss how it is that what follows is directly connected to what has come before. The Prologue ends by telling us that Abraham is connected to Noah, Noah is connected to Adam/Eve, and thus Abraham is connected to Adam/Eve. God is continuing what he has started. God is at work in and through his creation and history…