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Week 2 Review (POPS-Getting a Grip on the Bible)

With the background for the story now set by the Prologue, the story of what God is doing in the world slows down to focus on a single family – the family of Abraham. Before doing this though, the story teller makes sure that we do not miss how it is that what follows is directly connected to what has come before. The Prologue ends by telling us that Abraham is connected to Noah, Noah is connected to Adam/Eve, and thus Abraham is connected to Adam/Eve. God is continuing what he has started. God is at work in and through his creation and history…


Week 1 Review (POPS-Getting a Grip on the Bible)

I put together this class for one basic reason – to help people become better familiar with God’s Word. Consider the following statement from The Barna Group, a Christian polling and research group:

Bible reading has become the religious equivalent of sound-bite journalism. When people read from the Bible they typically open it, read a brief passage without much regard for the context, and consider the primary thought or feeling that the passage provided. If they are comfortable with it, they accept it; otherwise, they deem it interesting but irrelevant to their life, and move on. There is shockingly little growth evident in people’s understanding of the fundamental themes of the scriptures and amazingly little interest in deepening their knowledge and application of the biblical principles.

POP's Wednesday Night

POPS Meal & Program for April 24th

Preparing Our People for Service (POPS) Wednesday, April 24th Dinner ~ 5:30 – 6:15 PM Pasta and Salads, Roll, Dessert and Drinks Cost: 13 – Adults ($5) 12 and younger ($3) Family Max. ($20) POPS Programing for April 24! We will be gathering in Brown Hall at 6:30pm following dinner (5:30-6:15pm) for an intergenerational fun more »

“Intergenerational Gathering”

Please join us for an “Intergenerational Gathering” in Brown Hall this Wednesday evening, April 24 during and after the POPS Dinner. Larry Tootoo and Rob Lapp, along with our youth leaders will lead activities for all ages. Please plan to join us for this hour of fun as we get to know other members of more »

POP's Wednesday Night

POPS Programs for April

POPS Programing for the month of April…We will be gathering in Brown Hall at 6:30pm following dinner (5:30-6:15pm) for intergenerational programs.  The programs are as follows: POPS Kidz  will meet April 3rd-17th and Youth D-Groups,  April 3rd-10th  April 3rd: The SACPC Preschool Director Megan McNamara and Children’s Ministry Director, Ginger Powers will discuss children’s programs. April 10th: 2012 more »

POP's Wednesday Night

Lent POPS Classes

Lent POPS Classes: February 20th – March 20th, 6:30-7:30pm Alpha “A Life Worth Living” Led by Richard Roessler in Room 214. First Place 4 Health: A New Beginning ~ Led by Betsy Knowles and Evelyn Larson in Room 232. Rambling Through Revelation ~ Led by Steve Hein in Room 224. Jesus’ Claims, Our Promises ~ more »