Our four areas of ministry focus: (1) Provide opportunities for worship (2) Teach the Bible (3) Build and nurture relationships (4) Go and serve.

Values and Vision

What We Value

“For where our treasure is, there our hearts will be also.”

Values reflect what we treasure, help us to direct our attention, and make daily decisions. The officers of the church created and confirmed a set of character/value statements. The statements establish that which we believe the core character of our church to be, and will serve to guide our discussion and actions each and every day.

At St. Andrews-Covenant Presbyterian Church, we value:

  • God: We seek to know, love and worship the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • Faith: We strive to follow Jesus Christ, trusting in His grace, power and love.
  • Family: We endeavor to be a welcoming community, caring and sharing with love and joy.
  • Equipping: We prepare our people to use, with love and passion, the strengths God gave them.
  • Serving: We provide opportunities for all ages to share their love, gifts and talents near and far.

Vision of the Future

“If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves; But when they attend to what he reveals, they are most blessed.”

God’s revelations provide direction, helping us to see where we will be if we follow Him. At St. Andrews-Covenant Presbyterian Church we believe that God has revealed to us that we are to become a church where:

  • Every member of the church is actively living our values.
    • Every member seeks to know, love and worship God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
    • Every member strives to follow Jesus Christ, and trust in His grace, power and love.
    • Every member feels welcome, and desires to share their cares and joys with fellow members.
    • Every member has identified their God-given strengths, and has learned how to lovingly and passionately use these strengths in everyday life.
    • Every member is provided relevant opportunities to share their love, strengths, gifts and talents near and far.
  • Every member serves as inspiration to the communities in which they live and work. As a result, SACPC is seen throughout the region as the place to go to enrich one’s faith.
  • Every seeker who comes through our doors is met with an experience that puts them in touch with their gifts, and prepares them to live our values, like the members that inspired them to first visit the church.
  • Every care need in our church is to be identified and addressed, led by the efforts of a large and well-equipped corps of Deacons.
  • Every staff member is fully engaged in teaching, encouraging, and equipping members to live our values.
  • Every Elder is focused on prayerfully discerning God’s guidance for the church and inspires our members to live our values.

This vision statement is driven by our core values and is designed to reflect our desire to be a church fully living those values.


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